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Black Magic (feat. Broken Anchor)

Badwoods - Black Magic

Montage of Davia with the assistance of Dennis searching around L.A.'s homeless encampment known as Skid Row in hopes of finding, Luca.

Shut Up and Dance

Rookie - A Lot To Live

At Mickey's, Chris stocks the supplies at the bar when Joaquin arrives; Joaquin questions Chris about Jenna only for Chris to cage up when questioned about her.


Nomos 751

Returning home to the Coterie, Malika finds Alice in a crazed mood attempting to find ant queen so that she can raid the lofts of its current ant infestation.

Distance (feat. Geoffroy)

Insane (feat. Tech N9ne)

Luca takes the stage at the club to audition for part in the burlesque shows ensemble cast for Desi; Davia, Dennis and rest of the ensemble look on as Luca dances impressed by his skills.

Hold My Breath


Davia and Dennis return to the Coterie with Luca, together they help him with a living space, accommodations and food services, inviting him into the Coterie's community.

Getting to Know

Leisure Centre

Malika and Angelica kiss as they have wine poolside then take a late night deep in the pool.

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