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Mike Sarge

Montage as Gael and Isabella attempt to put together a baby bed while Gael has been jinx into silence; (continues) Isabella and Gael take a break from working on the construction of bed to eat their 10¢ meatballs while playing a game together to break Gael's silence.

Eat Them Apples

Suzi Wu - Eat Them Apples - Single

Davia and Luca are directed by Desi to coordinate a dance number for the show.

Good Good Vibe


Desi compliments Luca on his dancing skills and quick learning the numbers then compliments Davia and the others dancers; Davia and Luca discuss their comp tickets and who they'll invite; Davia tells Luca about why she's turned to dancing after being fired; Luca shows Davia the pictures he took of her during dance practice.



After Mariana brings up the subject of Davia recent weight-loss she, Gael, Kelly, Sumi and Alice discuss their concerns then avoid the subject once Davia arrives home.


The Invention of Flight

Isabella brings Gael tea; Gael informs Isabella that he wants to keep putting the baby crib together as an act of faith then offers to be their for her even after the tough times are over.

Deleters (feat. Angus Andrew)

Holy Fuck - Deleter

Joaquin frustrating searching their a LA Sheriff Online 'Unidentified Persons' list for a person who could possibly he his sister when he receives a text from from.

Joy In My Heart


Joaquin sings for Mariana the song that would make him and Jenna laugh when they were younger after asking "Jenna" the question over text message.

I'll Take That as a Yes

Becca Lynn

Mariana, Claire, Rachel and Gina welcome for Ava and Raisa to Bulk Beauty turns sour when the two deliver bad news to the group.

Neon Light

Las Palmas

Gael playfully teases Davia with his own version of a burlesque dance then informs her that he's proud of her the makes a confession to her about Isabella and the baby.


Abby Holliday

Alice gets into bed with Sumi who comforts her as she begins to breakdown; Joaquin finally receives a message from "Jenna"; Luca practices his dance routine in the storage room of the Coterie when Kelly comes in.


Gang Signs

A frightened Kelly thinking Luca is a vagabond and squatter threatens Luca forcing him to run from the Coterie for his life.

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