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Take You Where I Go


Mariana, Rachel, Claire and Gina discuss the plateau of users/sells on their site when Mariana brings up getting Zelda to be their brand influencer; the BB girls bring the idea to Evan as their investor for approval.

Long Hauls

Miss Elle

Joaquin arrives at the farm in each of Adam Mills and attempt to speak with Jenna.

Gonna Lose Your Mind


Alice spirals downward as views of the socials of her former comedy troops and finds their current successes after the comedy show case.


Bubble Club!

Returning to BB Pod, Mariana finds Evan at another Pod then confronts him about actions towards and the company attempting to explain their relationship with him and draw a line in the sand.

Terrible Thing

AG & Cece And The Dark Hearts

Sumi reads a shocking text to Alice about a new manager; Gael comes Yuri's studio to pick up his things as he does both him and Yuri get a few issues and arguments out of the way before coming to a profitable discussion for the two.



Angelica asks Malika if they could talk seriously; Alice attempts to apologize to Sumi then likes her comedy friends IG posts about their career updates; Gael expresses his hurt and forgiveness to Isabella while telling her about his commission deal with Yuri, they then make out before Isabella leaves for the bathroom and Gael receives a text message from her father.

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