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Cómo Fue

Vicentico Valdés

At the wedding reception, Gael brings his father a drink then they discuss Jasmin and her wedding.

Can't Take My Eyes Off You


Davia and Dennis sing for Jazmin and Spencer at their wedding reception as Gael's gift to the couple as they dance their first dance as a married couple.

Stand By Me (Acoustic)

John Newman

As they dance together during the reception, Jazmin and Gael have a heart-to-heart.

Love We Make

The Head And The Heart

Joaquin asks Mariana to dance as they do he apologizes to her for his behavior, Kelly watches the two dance; Kelly envisions herself and Joaquin dancing as he professes his love for her.

Bilingual Boy

CuCu Diamantes

Alice convinces her actions against Sumi and the status of their relationship to Malika; Malika gives advice Alice on situation with Sumi; Isabella after overhearing Alice about the loft and Gael, confronts Gael about the true nature of their relationship.

Las Damas De La Noche

Pancho Gonzales

Kelly "hands over" Joaquin to Mariana, having her heartbroken; Luca records the wedding party; Dennis and Ryan dance together, Davia watches them in a moment as Luca watches her through his camera.

L'idée de toi

Notre Bloc

Davia watches Ryan and Dennis as they dance as Luca watches her through his camera; Malika declares her love for Angelica to her, Angelica walks away from Malika overcome by her feelings.

Llegaste Tú (feat. Juan Luis Guerra)

Luis Fonsi

Jazmin and Hugo, have a proper father-daughter dance together before she heads out onto her honeymoon; as they dance, Hugo, informs Jazmin that even though he and her mother didn't support her before that they would for her furthermore.

Decoration / Currency

Girl Friday

The Coterie crew have breakfast the morning after the wedding; announce of new couple have formed as they eat; Gael and Isabella prepare to make an announcement when police arrive at the lofts.

Choose the Heart

Madjo - Invisible World

As Isabella and Gael prepare to make an announcement to their Coterie family, Isabella is arrest.

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