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There's A Place

Roo Panes

Dennis has a dream about his son, Jacob, much older than his death age where they run away together.

Not My Girl


Davia phone rings with a message from Asher informing her of Elliot's pending therapy appointment then discuss Asher and Elliot with Kelly and Dennis, the former who questions her relationship with the family.

Wild World (feat. Austin Hartley-Leonard)

Saint Elsinore

After a child approaches him to play and having a vision of Jacob, Dennis allows himself to open up and play with the child, Ryan watches him from the other-side of the children's ward; Marianna receives a text as works late at BulkBeauty.


Sleeping Lion

In bed, Dennis tells Ryan about the mural on his wall and Jacob then about his experience earlier to the child at the hospital and possibly wanting to have another child some day.

Feel Alive Again

Molly Parden

Asher thanks Davia for being their for him and Elliot then informs her that he'll be properly seeking with a therapist not burden her; Mariana comes to Joaquin to cancel their date.

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