Ukulele Anthem

Amanda Palmer - Ukulele Anthem - Single

Opening scene sequence. Meredith is getting ready for work, voiced over by what she learned the first day of Medical School.

Lose It

Little Jackie - Queen of Prospect Park

End of the episode: Callie dancing in her underwear; Meredith and Derek arguing

Ukelele Anthem

Amanda Palmer

Meredith & Derek try to drag themselves out of bed; Callie helps with the morning routine.

Lose It!

Little Jackie

Callie dances around her apartment in her underwear; Meredith informs Derek that Callie moved out then yells at him for not answering his phone.

The End

Fitz & The Tantrums

When Dr Edwards is talking to Dr Avery at the bar

You Know You Like It

AlunaGeorge - We Are Your Friends (Music From the Original Motion Picture) [Deluxe]

Callie tells Arizona she wants her apartment back; Arizona asks Leah what happened fter the gala.

Let's Go


Callie, Owen & April work on Reese; Shane delivers Meredith's message; Avery talks to Alec & Meredith about Stephanie & his mom; Bailey offers to quiz Meredith.

The End

Fitz and The Tantrums - More Than Just a Dream

Stephanie tries to make a better impression on Catherine, then they are joined by Avery.

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