Everybody Get Up


During surgery Alex informs Arizona that Leah gets really attached to people; the interns discuss their various problems.

Changing Of The Guard

Holy Ghost!

Derek comes to a realization while watching Zola draw; montage.

We Ran Faster Then

Mackintosh Braun

Meredith tells Cristina she doesn't want to hear how there won't be time to be a mom and do research; Alex yells at Jo for pushing him to reconnect with his father; Arizona texts Leah; Derek suggests he cut back on work so Meredith can work on what she wants to.

Look What You've Become

Left Hand Smoke - Tiny Revolution

Derek fails to save Mickey as Callie watches from the gallery.

Bright Lights, Big City

Jimmy Reed - The Very Best of Jimmy Reed

Alex plays a blues song with his dad.

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