Inner Ninja (feat. David Myles)

Classified - Inner Ninja (feat. David Myles) - Single

Montage - Richards talks with Mer and Jo; Stephanie and Leah at the bar when Jackson walks in; Derek and Mer get the kids ready for trick-or-treating; Mer talks to Alex; Shane buys Cristina a drink.

Inner Ninja

Classified ft David Myles

Meredith sneaks away from Richard's room; Leah tells Stephanie her tests came back negative; Stephanie complains to Avery how stupid she acted over her eye surgery; Meredith joins the party; Cristina drops off the cupcakes at Meredith's then joins Shane at Joe's bar.


Sleeping At Last - Atlas: Year One

Arizona tells Leah about the first time she was stuck with a used needle; Shane tells his patient that Brooks died, then tells her he'll take over being as her doctor.


Banks - Goddess (Deluxe Version)

Callie's patient tells her not to miss Halloween with her child; Owen asks Cristina if she's going to Meredith's party; Jo updates Taryn's dad on her condition.

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