Block Banger


The Residents hangout by the 3-D printers; Callie asks Emma about her personal life.

Right Here (feat. Foxes)

Rudimental - Home (Deluxe Edition)

End montage beginning with Arizona & Leah in the bathroom and ending with Meredith walking into Cristina & Ross using the 3D printer; April and Matt get hot and heavy after a deep conversation.

Right Here

Rudimental ft Foxes

April & Matthew kiss; Arizona takes off her wedding ring before joining Leah in the shower; Ben tries to convince Bailey that she needs help; Meredith talks with Derek, then finds Cristina & Shane using the 3-D printer.


Lorde - Pure Heroine (Extended)

Emma tells Owen not to break her heart; Alex tells Will he has to spend more time in the hospital; Cristina tries to get Meredith's permission to use the printer; Alex tells Meredith she was a lousy doctor; Richard tells Callie how he saved a patient.

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