Kiss On My List

The Family Crest

Shane tells Sheryll she doesn't meet the criteria to be in their medical trial; Richard tells Catherine about the retirement paperwork he received; the hospital staff surprise Richard with a birthday party; Owen suggests to Cristina they meet back at her place; Alex finally convinces Jo to sign the hospital declaration form; April and Jackson disagree on plans about their kids; Owen offers Richard an appointment as director of the residency program.

How Will I Know

Sam Smith - In the Lonely Hour (Drowning Shadows Edition)

Callie tells Derek he feels bad about their problem because he's a good person; Cristina sets up a on-line dating profile for Owen as he describes her as the kind of woman he's looking for; April tells Catherine she will sign the post-nuptial agreement, then Catherine goes on to say they haven't thought beyond their marriage.

I'm So Excited

Le Tigre

Bailey, Arizona & Owen wish Richard happy birthday; Owen tells Richard he needs to talk with him about his surgical schedule, then hands him paperwork about retiring.

Something About You


April & Jackson apologize to Catherine for how their elopement hurt her; Sheryll pleads with Shane to call her mother, then she gives birth.

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