Burning Up

Magic Wands

Arizona tells Alex she's going to be sick later; Jo tells Alex he has to do something about his student loans; Jackson & April kiss in the elevator; Owen informs the staff that a flu-like illness is spreading through the hospital.

Atomic Dog

George Clinton - Countdown to the New Year

Arizona, Alex & Oliver perform surgery to music.


The Donnies The Amys

Jo yells at Alex about ignoring his student loans as Callie laughs in the background; Arizona asks Alex what he thought of Oliver; Bailey & April tells Derek he can't enter the OR if he's sick; Richard, Meredith & Leah perform surgery; Derek does surgery on Braden while wearing a hazmat suit.

I Wanna Dance with Somebody

Bootstraps - Homage

April arrives home to find Jackson vomiting; Jo tells Alex things will get worse if he keeps avoiding it; Meredith informs Derek she did the presentation for him.

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