Cristina & Meredith rush to get up to hear the Harper Avery award nominations, then Alec & Jo join them while they wait for the phone call; Cristina gets a call saying she was nominated.

Sister Christian

Juliette Commagere - Sister Christian - Single

Meredith tells Bailey & Shane that their surgery was canceled; Bailey asks Meredith to pass her congratulations to Cristina; the McNeil's complain about the lack of information & options for Link.

Sister Christian

Juliette Commagère

Meredith informs Bailey & Shane that the transplant surgery was canceled, then Bailey asks Meredith to passes her congratulations to Cristina; Frankie and her parents complain about the lack of information & options for helping Linc.

Private Eyes

Sleeping At Last

Bailey expresses her frustration over not knowing how to help Braden, while performing surgery with Richard; the residents watch Cristina prepare for Linc's surgery.



Avery surprises April with her clean laundry, then confesses he put a $25,000 charge on his credit card; Callie & Arizona agree to have another baby; Owen tells Cristina he thinks she'll win the Harper Avery award.

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