P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

Shelby Earl

Meredith skypes with Derek they make plans for later; the residents talk about how much stress they're under regarding one of group's impending firing.


Shelby Earl

Meredith & Derek skype about plans for later; the Residents talk about how much stress they're under regarding the impending firing.

Jump (For My Love)

Brock Tyler

Callie confesses to April that

Tainted Love

Claire Guerreso - Tainted Love - Single

Arizona tells Alex to asks for help next time; Bailey tries to explain her actions to Ben; Jackson confesses to April that he told Stephanie their pregnancy; Leah reassures the other Residents that they'll be fine.

Dance Hall Days

Imperial Mammoth

Owen talks to Cristina about the job applicants, then tells her he won't ask her to stay; Derek returns home with champagne and tells Meredith he wants them to move to D.C.

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