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Things Can Only Get Better

Howard Jones - 80's Fundamentals

John & the Mutiny boys celebrate the regaining of subscribers; Tom & Cameron chat in a Community chat room about Donna when Cameron accidentally sends messages to everyone, Tom comes and tells her.

Don't Wanna Lose

Ex Hex - Halt and Catch Fire (Songs from the AMC Television Series)

Cameron and the Mutiny boys play a shooting game with their toy guns around in the house on teams of Red/Blue. We follow Cameron first-person-shooter style as she searches for Tom.

One In a Million

Luxury - Buttons: Starter Kit

Gordon gets the girls ready for school, while he chats with Donna about work. The music is on their kitchen stereo.

Last Laugh

Extreme Music

The Mutiny staff is taking a group photo. The coders can't stay still, Donna and Cameron aren't smiling, and Bodie slides in in his underwear - lightening the mood.

Call Me

5 Alarm Music

Cameron changes her mind about Community and instructs to leave it up a little longer.

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