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Short Change Hero

The Heavy - The House That Dirt Built

00:01 John tells Pree what's happened to the team since D'avin's attack.

Welcome to Love

Young Ejecta - The Planet

00:02 John tricks Dutch and D'avin into both showing up at The Royale at the same time, then informs them he took out a warrant for them.

Do Whatcha

The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer - A Real Fine Mess

00:05 Bellus tells Dutch and D'avin about the warrant, then punishes D'avin for hurting Dutch.


Dear Frederic

00:37 Dutch tries to get past the 'I trust D'avin' question, then D'avin asks how she became a Killjoy.

Love Song

Caveboy - Caveboy - EP

00:38 D'avin convinces Dutch to dance with him.

All the Lines

Fleurie - Fear & Fable

00:58 Dutch joins John in his room and he offers to read his comic to her.

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