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It Hurts To Say Goodbye

Jack Gold Orchestra

Liz has an instantly regretable moment with her manager Jeremy

Chasing the Tide

The Superimposers - The Superimposers

00:01 Dud floats in Gloria's pool as she tells him about Paul Gauguin and how there's no such thing as paradise.

Some Sunsick Day     

Morgan Delt - Phase Zero

00:10 Outside the Orbis building, Connie hangs up on Ernie as she sees Gil ride past on his bicycle.


The Soundcarriers - Harmonium

00:35 Dud and Gloria make-out in her office; Ernie and Larry chat on the golf course.

A Street That Rhymes At 6am

Norma Tanega - Walkin' My Cat Named Dog

00:40 Ernie shows up at Connie's house to tell her they can't go on as they are and she needs to make a decision between him and Scott; Scott arrives home.

Golden Apples

The Californians - A Trip In a Painted World - Rubble Collection 17 - Remastered

00:58 Larry walks in the lodge ceremony naked, then is escorted back out by Ernie and Dud.

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