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Start a War

Klergy & Valerie Broussard - Start a War - Single

Pierce tracks down Maze at the bus station where he proposes that they work together so that they both can get what they want.


Bleeker - Erase You

The team watch the surveillance footage of the murder when they spot a very familiar face on the video.

Locked & Loaded

The Brevet - Locked & Loaded - Single

Using the information she got from the police station, Maze tracks down bail bondsman Barry Hill at a bowling alley.

Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven)

Robin Alciatore - Moonlight

Lucifer plays the piano in his apartment when Maze arrive to speak with him.


My Goodness - Scavengers

Montage of the city; Charlotte tells Linda about her encounter with Amenadiel.

Too Many Girls

The Mystery Lights - The Mystery Lights

Lucifer questions Chloe about her relationship with Pierce as they drive out to the victims last place of employment.

Hunt Me Down

The Black Angels - Death Song

Maze uses Ella's stolen ID badge to access the precinct records room; Maze uses a hug as an inventive way to knock out a police officer.

Oh Here We Go (feat. Tito Ortiz)

The Pow Pow - Oh Here We Go (feat. Tito Ortiz) - Single

Montage of Lucifer and Chloe interview the bounties that Maze managed to capture.

Moonlight Sonata


00:56 Lucifer plays the piano in his apartment as Maze arrives to talk with him.

Start a War

Klergy - Start a War - Single

At the bus station, Pierce tracks down Maze and proposes they work together.

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