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POWERS - Dance - Single

00:01 Lucifer hangs out at Lux, as Maze and Linda go on a drinking spree at the bar; Lucifer and Maze tell Linda about demons not having a soul; Maze captures her latest bounty; Linda passes out.

Watch Me

The Phantoms - Take the World, Vol. 1 - EP

First scene of Maze in Canada.

Can't Stop Me Now

Kid Dean - Kid Dean - Single

00:07 Maze arrives at a ski resort in Canada, gets snow dumped on her, then acquires a new outfit.

I Like Trouble

Jailbreakers Ltd - I Like Trouble - Single

00:18 Athena tells Lucifer and Chloe about Ben Rivers' charm; Maze handcuffs Rivers.

Unholy War

Jacob Banks - The Boy Who Cried Freedom - EP

00:22 Rivers talks M"iaze into pausing to grab a drink, then escapes after cuffing Maze to the bar.

You Won't Believe Me If I Told You

Zachary Kibbee

The gang arrives at the Firehawk Ranch crime scene. The police are pulling the victim out of a trough.

The Creatures of Prometheus, Op. 43, Act II: Overture

Hungarian State Orchestra & András Kórody - 50 Must-Have Overture Masterpieces

00:27 Rivers hears music playing and heads downstairs to find Maze enjoying his stereo; Maze re-cuffs Rivers and they start fighting.

Big Sur

Porcelain Raft - Microclimate

00:57 Rivers asks Maze to join him on the run, then they kiss; Linda, Chloe, Trixie and Lucifer welcome Maze back home; flashback to Maze turning down Rivers' invitation.

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