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Dance Like a Monster

Play Date - Imagination

A group gather at a cemetery for a ghoulish wedding when the groom is shot then the bride.

No Good

Kaleo - Vinyl (Music from the HBO® Original Series), Vol. 1

Montage of Lucifer partying at Lux as tries to binge away his emotions after killing Uriel; Linda stops by Lux to check on Lucifer when she finds him in a mess. she asks if he wants to talk.

Way Down We Go

Kaleo - A / B

Amenadiel is told by his mum that his father would be proud of him, then she shows him where Uriel was buried; Lucifer sees someone who looks like Uriel at Lux.

The Girl Is Back in Town

Chantal Claret - The Girl Is Back in Town - Single

Chloe and Lucifer question the owner of the food truck, Freddy.

Way Down We Go (Stripped)

Kaleo - Way Down We Go (Stripped) - Single

Charlotte shows Amednidel where Lucifer buried Uriel to pay his final repsects; Lucifer halluciantes seeing his brother Uriel in a bar.

The Unforgiven


00:45 Lucifer plays the piano at Lux; Amenadiel asks why Charlotte brought him to Uriel's grave.

Haunted Rave

Gary and the Ghouls - Haunted Rave - Single

Trixie goes trick or treating with Maze.


Lucifer Cast, Tom Ellis

[Metallica cover version] At the bar, Lucifer plays the piano; Amanadiel questions why his mother brought him to Uriel's grave.

Unforgiven (feat. Tom Ellis)

Lucifer Show Cast

Lucifer plays the piano in the bar Cover version of Metallica's "unforgiven"; Amanadiel questions why his mother brought him to Uriel's grave.

High Hopes

Quails - Quails - EP

Lucifer tells Linda he feels guilt over Uriel's death, then makes an impassionate plea for her believe what he has told her; Lucifer shows Linda his true face.

The River

Blues Saraceno - Dark Country 4

"My Little Monkey" Promo

High Hopes (The Lucifer edit)


End scene, when Lucifer shows his real face to Linda.

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