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One Of us


00:11 Chloe mockingly quotes the song in response to Ella asking "What if God was one of us?".

One Of Us (feat. Lauren German)

Lucifer Cast

Chloe quotes "What If God Was One of Us?"

Humble Pro

Cherry Glazerr - Apocalipstick

City overview; Dan discovers his lunch is missing from the fridge at the precinct.

In a Black Out

Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam - I Had a Dream That You Were Mine

Lucifer and God walk through the hospital amid the chaos that Lucifer put into action, then hide behind a laundry cart.


Spandau Ballet - Awesome 80's Hits

Charlotte drops by Lux to find a romantic setting and God waiting for her, as Lucifer and Linda watch from afar; Charlotte reacts poorly to God's presence.

TRUE - Single Edit

Spandau Ballet - True - The Digital E.P.

At LUX, Charlotte finds a romantic setting and God waiting for her.

One of Us

Joan Osborne - Bruce Almighty (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Ella sings along to the song as Chloe drops by her lab to ask about Santa Claus.

Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

Emilie Mover - Can't Take My Eyes Off of You - Single

Lucifer turns on music as Charlotte and God talk about dancing; God asks Charlotte to dance as Lucifer watches with Linda.

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