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The Devil's Got A Hold

The Kicks

00:01 Lucifer chats with a sidewalk evangelist.


Royal Deluxe - Born for This - EP

Trailer for episode 2

Devil's Got A Hold

The Kicks

Lucifer confronts the fake pastor on the street, and makes him a believer.

King Of Pain


00:06 Lucifer plays the piano as Chloe approaches him.


Battle Tapes

Plays as Lucifer arrives at the club Chloe snaps photos of him

I Need My Memory Back (Boom Bip Remix)

The Glitch Mob

00:07 Chloe questions Lucifer about his identity and comments on his lack of a bulletproof vest.

King of Pain

The Police - Synchronicity (Remastered)

Lucifer plays this on the piano at the club as Chloe comes up & starts talking to him   

I Need My Memory Back (feat. Aja Volkman)

The Glitch Mob - Love Death Immortality (Remixes)

Song plays in Lux just after Chloe searches Lucifer for a bulletproof vest. This plays until music changes to right music right as Chloe gets a call on her cell phone 


Say Hi - Scream 4 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Plays when Lucifer wakes up in bed with 2 people, gets out of bed, pours himself a drink, grabs an apple and says "Hello old friend."  


Minuit - 88 Guards With Guns

Begins as aerial shot of city at night, Limo pulls up to club for party, Paparazzi going crazy with flashes Lucifer & Chloe coming walking down the street  

I'm a Wanted Man

Royal Deluxe - Born for This - EP

Ep 103 'The Would-Be Prince Of Darkness' promo.

Sweet Providing Woman

Paul Otten

Aerial shot of the city at night, and the cut to Lucifer driving Nick in his convertible 


Generationals - ActorCaster

Song not in episode, not sure how to delete from here

Here Comes the Sun

Jeremy Abbott - The Summer Soundtrack

Song not in episode, not sure how to delete from here

Ain’t got no soul

The New Lime

Start song of 2nd episode

I Ain't Got No Soul (unreleased)

Royal Deluxe

Opening. View of LA from the hills, focusing down to a busy block on the Blvd. Lucifer confronts a fake street preacher and shows him his true face.

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