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Shake Shake

Nessi - Shake Shake - Single

Opening scene, Lucifer lighting a cigarette before playing piano.

Automatic Response

Tristan Ivemy - Pain Game: Epic Sports Rock

Amenadiel arrives at Lucifer's penthouse to talk about the baby present.

Come Save Me

Jay Price - Indie Anthems

Aerial view scene change from Linda's office to next crime scene

Automatic Response

Tristan Ivemy, Gem M. Jones - Pain Game: Epic Sports Rock

Amenadiel arriving in Lucifer's penthouse to talk about Lucifer's baby present

Matter (Blu J Remix)

Shallows - Matter (Blu J Remix) - Single

Chloe shows up at Lux to find Lucifer and let him know the case is still open. Ella introduces Chloe to Eve

Matter (BLU J)

Shallows - Matter (BLU J) - Single

At Lux, Chloe finds Lucifer; Ella introduces Chloe to Eve.

Good As Gold

Moon Taxi - Let the Record Play

Lucifer and Eve in his penthouse. Eve learns that Lucifer only gets injured when the detective is around

Strange Desire

Lizzy Land

Lucifer being treated in the ambulance.

The Streets of Cairo or the little country maid

James Thornton

Lucifer plays the piano as Eve is dancing in her Eve costume.

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