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Are You Ready

Grand Mystic - Are You Ready

Transition from Maze and Amenadiel into the precinct.


Sons of Legion - Power - Single

Lucifer and Chloe talk with Linda at her office. Maze and Amenadiel meet at Lux.

Electric Lady

Wine Lips - Electric Lady - Single

Amenadiel and Maze fight each other at Lux.


Royal Deluxe - Savages - EP

Transition from the crime scene to the gang going over evidence at the precinct.

Round and Round

Cannons - In a Heartbeat - EP

At Lux, Amenadiel and Maze have a conversation about what she is looking for.


Chris Avantgarde - Inside

Lucifer and Chloe talk at his penthouse. Dan arrives, aims a gun at Lucifer, and shoots.

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