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Burn It Down

Siobhan Sainte - Burn It Down - Single

00:01 Tandy sets out all the information she's gathered on Roxxon.

R U Ready - Original Mix

Say Wut - Clarion Bang EP

Tyrone thanks Evita for decorating his locker then they head out to the St. Sebastian basketball pep rally; Tandy uses her powers to loot several lockers at St. Sebastian's.

R U Ready

Say Wut - Clarion Bang EP

00:08 Tyrone's teammate comments on how well he's been doing at practice; Tryone thanks Evita for decorating his locker; Tandy steals some clothes from the girls' locker room.

No Mercy

Ndidi O - These Days

00:29 Tyrone runs into problems in the basketball finals; the sudden appearance of a basketball ruins Tandy's approach of her target.

Rich Friends

Portugal the Man - Woodstock

At an upscale corporate fundraiser, Tandy uses her newfound power to see into the dreams of strangers simply by touching their skin. Intercut with Ty competing in state basketball championship.

Rich Friends

Portugal. The Man - Woodstock

00:30 Tandy uses her hope powers on several Roxxon executives; Tyrone takes a break in the locker room and accidentally teleports to Tandy's location.



00:40 Tandy searches her Roxxon paperwork for information on Peter Scarborough.

Born for This

7kingZ - Born For This - EP

00:42 While he attempts to score, Tyrone keeps seeing the fears of the opposing players as they brush against him; Tyrone misses the winning basket.

Secrets and Lies

Ruelle - Secrets and Lies - Single

00:54 Tandy studies a sheet of Roxxon blueprints, then watches as Mina Hess films a commercial for Roxxon; end credits.

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