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I Want Your Cray Cray


00:09 Flashback to Jessica sitting alone at the video premiere for Trish's new single.

The Wild Rover

Nick Nolan

00:38 Flashback to Alisa following Jessica to a bar, then watching her with Stirling.

I Want Your Cray Cray

Marvel's Jessica Jones Cast

(Flashback) Trish's new single is premiered at a club; Jessica drinks; Trish hands out with her friends as they watch her video.

Bua Bua

Citizun - Lay Low - EP

(Flashback) Jessica confronts Dorothy about being at Trish's premiere party; Jessica and Stirling flirt with one another then he quits his job after his boss takes to many digs at him.

The Holy Ground : Wild Rover : I'll Tell Me Ma

Various Artists - Irish Pub Singalong

(Wild Rover) Jessica meets Stirling at Phoenix bar; Alisa helps Jessica out with a tampon; Wyatt comes to talk with Stirling, Alisa follows them outside; (continues) Jessica finds Stirling gone.

Rescuing Hope from the Hotel Bed

Sean Callery - Jessica Jones (Original Soundtrack)

(Flashback) Jessica finds Stirling dead in the alley, then goes to the club to see Trish.

Rooftop Movie Night

Sean Callery - Jessica Jones: Season 2 (Original Soundtrack)

(Flashback) Jessica and Trish sit together on a rooftop and watch a movie projection.

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