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Then There's the Matter of You

Sean Callery - Jessica Jones (Original Soundtrack)

00:02 Jessica follows a married woman having an affair, then ends up shoving her client through door's window when he doesn't take the news well.

Fire Escape Night Shift

Sean Callery - Jessica Jones (Original Soundtrack)

00:07 Jessica jumps up onto a fire escape and observes the apartments across the street, before shifting her attention to Luke's Bar.

Bad Reputation

Joan Jett - Bad Reputation (Remastered)

Marvel's JESSICA JONES - Official Teaser Trailer #3 (7:54 PM promo).

Alias Investigations

Sean Callery - Jessica Jones (Original Soundtrack)

00:15 Jessica heads to Hope Shlottman's friend's apartment and breaks in, only to find the occupants are home.

The Day Is My Enemy

The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy

Marvel's Jessica Jones Official Trailer #2

Gotta Have Ya

Timna Perez - Gotta Have Ya - Single

00:16 Jessica stands on the street across from a club and watches as Gregory Spheeris jumps in his Aston Martin and zooms off.

Turnt It Up

Michael Klein & Yusef Jackson - Iconic and Upscale

00:17 When Gregory Spheeris proves less than cooperative, Jessica lifts the back of his Aston Martin into the air to prevent him from leaving, then hands him a court summons.

I've Got a Woman

Ray Charles - Pure Genius: The Complete Atlantic Recordings (1952-1959) [Remastered]

00:21 Jessica contemplates her fire escape perch, then walks around Luke's bar while looking in the windows; Luke tells Jessica that it's 'Ladies Night' and she finally heads inside.

Turnt It Up

Michael Klein - Iconic and Upscale

Song playing in the car of the Aston Martin while Jessica serves the driver.

There's a Blessing

Johnny Copeland - An Introduction to Johnny Copeland

00:23 Luke tells Jessica it's last call, then comments on her alcohol consumption; Jessica reveals she's a PI, then lists off what she's noticed about him.

I Got a Woman

Ray Charles - Ray Charles

when Jessica is looking through Lukes Bar and then he comes outside.

Sleepover at Luke's

Sean Callery - Jessica Jones (Original Soundtrack)

00:28 Jessica sees Reva's photo in Luke's medicine cabinet, gets dressed and leaves; Jessica down the street, before pausing to throw up on the sidewalk.

Restaurant Flashback

Sean Callery - Jessica Jones (Original Soundtrack)

00:32 Jessica walks through Niku and remembers having dinner there with Kilgrave, when the restaurant was called Il Rosso.

Rescuing Hope from the Hotel Bed

Sean Callery - Jessica Jones (Original Soundtrack)

00:40 On her way out of town, Jessica changes her mind and asks the taxi driver to take her to the hotel; Jessica pulls the fire alarm, then heads for the room where Kilgrave kept her.

Elevator Massacre

Sean Callery - Jessica Jones (Original Soundtrack)

00:48 Jessica sees Hope pull out a gun just as the elevator doors close, then rushes down the stairs to find Mr. and Mrs. Shlottman dead and Hope still pulling the trigger on the gun; Jessica stumbles out to her taxi, then decides to stay and fight.

Thousand Eyes

Of Monsters and Men - Beneath The Skin (Deluxe)

'It's Time' teaser; Official trailer.

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