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Hospital Cat and Mouse

Sean Callery - Jessica Jones (Original Soundtrack)

00:04 Claire helps Jessica sneak Luke into the hospital elevator; [0:08] continues as Jessica pursues Kilgrave through the hospital as everyone tries to stop her.


Sleigh Bells - Reign of Terror

00:33 A hooded figure walks into the Hudson Ferry Terminal blasting music on their headphones and continues walking towards Kilgrave as she's surrounded by police officers with their guns drawn.

Final Justice for the Purple Man

Sean Callery - Jessica Jones (Original Soundtrack)

00:38 Jessica and Kilgrave have a final faceoff on the dock; Kilgrave commands Trish to come to him and kiss him, then becomes convinced that Jessica is under his control; Jessica kills Kilgrave.

Maybe It's Enough the World Thinks I'm a Hero

Sean Callery - Jessica Jones (Original Soundtrack)

00:49 Jessica starts listening to her phone messages, then throws her phone on her desk; Malcolm answers Jessica's phone when she ignores it.

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