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Madama Butterfly: Act I: Vogliatemi bene

Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Slovak Philharmonic Chorus

Mary is moved to tears as she watches a performance of Madama Butterfly while on a death.

Madama Butterfly: Act III: Con onor muore

Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Slovak Philharmonic Chorus

As Madama Butterfly commits suicide and B.F. Pinkerton discovers her body, Mary's patient drinks his champagne and drifts away.

You Made Me Love You

On-Set Performance

Estelle sings this song as she dies.

Zero Summer

Dirty Nice - Zero Summer - Single

Song plays in the bar as Olivia tricks Des into acting as her alibi while Mary kills Olivia's husband


JJUUJJUU - Zionic Mud

Travis turns this song on as he and Ben drink and discuss Travis' marriage to Olivia. Mary, hiding and watching all of this, tries to sneak out of the house. Ben catches her at the door.

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