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Zuimita, Java

Pacho Benavides - Sol de Junio (1958-1959)

End song final scene; End credits. 

Las Velas Encendidas

La Sonora Dinamita - La India Meliyará Con la Sonora Dinamita

00:16 The Narcos are on a flight back to Columbia. Pablo walks up the aisles offering the others drinks.

Lo Que Sangra (La Cúpula)

Soda Stereo

00:06 Pablo and his narcos relax and talk by the coast of Panama City. They discuss going back to Columbia to fight.

Porro Bonito

Orquesta Ritmo de Sabanas - Lo Mejor del Ayer Bailable, Vol. 2

00:31 Pablo dances with his wife to his 'favorite music'. Murphy narrates as Pablo starts ordering mass killings.

Las Velas Encendidas

Sonora Dinamita - La India Meliyará Con la Sonora Dinamita

Starts at about 16:30 minutes into the episode. This song is playing on the return flight home to Colombia after Galan is assassinated.

Monte Tiene Garabato

Son De La Loma - The Summer Salsa Collection

S1:E5 “There will be a Future” At exactly Minute 23:59 , close up of the back of Naked Marina Ochoa walking up to Gustavo who was naked in bed.

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