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Change Your Mind

Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio

Scarlett & Gunnar try out a new song; Juliette heads to the church; Deacon contemplates his life; Sean waits at the altar; Rayna says goodbye to her family.

Wrong Song

Connie Britton & Hayden Panettiere - Nashville Duets

Liam tells Rayna that touring with destroy her career, not help it.

Boys & Buses

Hayden Panettiere

Sean arrives as Juliette rehearses for the tour.

Twist Of Barbwire

Clare Bowen

Scarlett performs with Avery's ex-band.

Wrong Song

Connie Britton

Rayna records part of the song while waiting for Juliette to arrive.

Leading To Death

POLIÇA - Give You the Ghost

Dominic asks Avery if he's told his band he's leaving them.


Buddy Miller

JT asks Scarlett to join the band.

Kiss (Dominic remix)

Jonathan Jackson

Avery hears what Dominic considers a 'dirty' version of one of his songs.

Rock And Roll Forever

The Whigs

Deacon is asked to rock out more on the stage; The Revel Kings are introduced on stage.

Come Unto Me

The Mavericks

Juliette and Sean make out in a limo after getting married.


The London Souls

Deacon is told he overstepped in his performance; Carmen informs Deacon that Rayna & Juliette are touring together.

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