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When The Stars Go Blue

Tyler Hilton & Bethany Joy Lenz

Chris and Haley record a song at the studio together.


Matthew Popieluch

Beach house scenes.


Trailer Park Pam

Peyton breaks down.

Shining Stars

Morella'a Forest

(correct: it's by Morella's Forst) Haley wakes Nathan up with breakfast in bed.


Vegas De Milo

Rick stops by TRIC.

When the Stars Go Blue

Bethany Joy Lenz - One Tree Hill (Soundtrack from the TV Show)

Chris and Haley record a song at the studio together.

All My Life

Vegas De Milo

Nathan & Haley fight.

Start it Over Again

Thornhill Broom Exp

Lucas & Brooke talk on the beach.

(I'm Gonna) Steal Your Girlfriend

Teen Machine

Peyton & Brooke go dress shopping.

A Lot Like You

Pete Droge

Peyton runs into Karen.

The First Single (You Know Me)

The Format - Interventions and Lullabies

Anna discovers cocaine in Peyton's bag at the formal

Rowing Song

Patty Griffin

End of episode.

Shining Stars

Morella's Forest

Haley brings Nathan breakfast in bed.


Master Source

Various scenes at the beach house.

What You Waiting For?

Gwen Stefani - Love, Angel, Music, Baby

Lucas, Anna & Mouth arrive at the dance.


Trailer Park Pram

(correct: by Trailer Park Pam) Peyton has a breakdown in her bathroom and is tempted to do cocaine again.

You're a Day

Mitchell - Inside of My Heart

Nathan dances with Deb.

The First Single

The Format

Still more dancing.

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