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Loaded Gun

Tyler Hilton - Forget the Storm (Deluxe Version)

Chris sings the song while playing it on guitar; Chase tells him to stop making his comments about Alex's song; Julian gets a call after the baptism.


Pink Moth - Eclipsed

Brooke joins Haley at the cafe; Julian checks out his sound stage; Haley finds Chris Keller in her office.

What I Love About Your Love (acoustic)

Jana Kramer

Chris listens to a recording of Alex's song.

The Sun

The Naked and Famous - True Blood (Music from the HBO Original Series), Vol. 4

A house burns down; Dan & Chris head off to kill someone; Chase sits in the back of a police car; Clay tells Quinn he doesn't want her around; Brooke trashes her cafe; Haley goes to a morgue to identify a body; Julian is beaten up.



Alex storms past a mostly naked Chase; Quinn watches over Clay as he sleeps; Haley finds a door unexpectedly open, then gets a call from Nathan saying he'll be home soon.


Blind Pilot - We Are the Tide

Clay sees a doctor about his sleep walking; Brooke's father arrives just as the twins' christening starts.

Loaded Gun (Acoustic)

Tyler Hilton - Forget the Storm (Deluxe Version)

Chase interrupts Chris' playing to yell at him for saying Alex's song was crappy; Julian gets bad news.

Reckless One

Sunday Lane - Bring Me Sunshine - EP

Ted & Victoria bicker; Dan turns up at the church to tell Haley his diner burned down & he needs a place to stay.

New York

Blind Pilot - We Are the Tide

Clay tells Quinn to go to sleep; Brooke & Julian lie in bed and chat about her parents, the new clothing line & his movie deal falling through; Chris reassures Haley he really does want to help with the record label; Alex & Chase 'make up'; Brooke drives the twins around Tree Hill as Clay sleep walks through the river court; Julian looks around the sound stage; Nathan arrives home to find Dan holding baby Lydia.

Holy Moly

Cathy Davey - Something Ilk

Nathan phones Haley from an airport; Clay lays in a playground; Dan stands in front of a burning house.

Traffic Lights

Emile Millar

Haley enters Karen's cafe; Quinn finds Clay in the playground; Alex complains about Chase's alarm clock going off; Julian signs some paperwork; Quinn tells Clay she's concerned about his sleep walking.

Heavy Heart, Heavy Hands

Sunday Lane - Bring Me Sunshine - EP

Brooke drives around Tree Hill trying to get the twins to fall asleep; Brooke climbs into bed as one of the twins starts to cry.

Sunday Mornings

Casey Hurt - Mended Souls

Ted is introduced to the group; Chase attempts to seduce Alex while she obsesses over Chris saying her song was crappy.

What I Love About Your Love

Jana Kramer - Jana Kramer

Alex throws a shoe at Chris while he works on a remix of her song.

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