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Bring You Home

Peter Bradley Adams

Chase, Julian, Clay & Mouth compare their problems; Haley finds Jamie tracking Nathan's flight on-line; Mouth grabs a snack after Millie falls asleep.

St. Christopher (On My Way)

Michael Logen

Brooke avoids Julian at the hospital; Quinn looks for Clay at home; Clay watches his drug dealer from a distance; Haley sees a sign saying 'Karen's Cafe Hires Murderers'; Jamie & Dan camp in the backyard; Brooke asks Julian what happened with Davis; Quinn & Clay have a confrontation with his drug dealer.

Clouds and a Bee

Goddamn Electric Bill - Topics for Gossip

Brooke refuses to let Julian help with the twins; Clay tells Quinn he doesn't need her and to get out.


One Two

Chase wakes up to find an unknown woman in his apartment and no memory of what happened the night before; Skills returns and asks Millie if she & Mouth are fighting.

Monday Morning

Death Cab for Cutie - Codes and Keys

Skills comments on Mouth's eating problem; Haley & Brooke try to get the sign taken down; Chase discovers that the girl he slept with is Chris' girlfriend.



Julian smashes the window of his vehicle just after it's repaired; Dan yells at Clay about buying drugs, then Quinn overhears as Clay confesses he can't remember anything.

No Such Thing As Time

Elenowen - No Such Thing As Time - Single

Chris encourages Chase to tell Tara about the girl he slept with; Haley tells Julian about the time she & Nathan found Jamie drowning in their pool.

Carry Me

Justine Bennett - Heavy Feeling - EP

Tara works on convincing Chase to keep their affair a secret; Quinn drops Clay off at the clinic; Haley thanks Dan for his help with the kids, then reminds him that Nathan is coming home; Brooke reassures Julian that Davis is okay; Haley leaves Nathan a message after he doesn't arrive when expected.

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