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The Horrible Crowes

One of Nathan's captors forces him to drink water, he responds by saying he's not afraid of them; Jamie asks Haley if it's true Nathan isn't coming home.

Lordy May

Boy & Bear - Moonfire

Brooke talks to Julian while they're driving home if she said the right thing during Xavier's parole hearing; Chase asks Chuck if he wants to hang out with him & Chris before he leaves; Chase finds a bruise on Chuck's rib cage & suspects he's getting abused by his dad.

Don't You Worry

The Dimes

Chase gets a phone call calling him to active duty, then realizes he was in bed with Chris.

Lordy May

Boy and Bear

Brooke tells Julian that she could tell that Xavier hadn't changed; Chase asks Chuck if he wants to hang out with him & Chris, then realizes that Chuck is injured.


Feist - Metals

Brooke tells Julian she wants to meet with Xavier before his parole hearing; Clay's therapist asks what a typical day in his life is like; Haley, Quinn & Jamie meet Lucas at the airport.

Under Streetlights

Brooke Annibale - Silence Worth Breaking

Nathan works on getting out of his restraints; Clay & his therapist talk about why he signed Nathan; Lucas & Haley discuss Nathan's disappearance;

(Not So) Sad and Lonely

DJ Shadow - The Less You Know, The Better (Deluxe Edition)

Julian sends the video to Jamie, then takes a copy of the video to Dan; Dan watches the video Nathan sent to Jamie; Clay's therapists asks how he feels about children.

The Streets

Avalanche City

Quinn & Haley say goodbye to Lucas, Jamie & Lydia; Dan notices something in the background of Nathan's video.


Amy Stroup - Tunnel ( Deluxe )

Clay & his therapist discuss what happened after Sara's death; Quinn & Jamie figure out a way for Jamie to get a video of Nathan.

Take Your Time

Cary Brothers

Chase tells Chuck he needs to return to the Air Force; Lucas asks Haley what the police are saying about Nathan; Nathan continues working on his restraints.


Hey Ocean! - Is

Xavier apologizes to Brooke; Brooke gives her opinon to the parole board; Chase sees Chuck's father chatting with a younger woman at the bar.

If I Had a Gun...

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds (Deluxe Edition)

Xavier watches Brooke close up the cafe; Dan & Julian analyze Nathan's video; Haley & Quinn watch the plane take off; Clay's therapist asks him if he's worried about Nathan; Officer Stevens resecures Nathan, then his captor receives a call agreeing to the ransom.

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