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Guten Abend

Cosima - Up On the Hill

(COVER sung by cast member) Mother sings lullaby to little girl sick in bed in opening scene

Belleza De Bano (Vox)

Manuel Toledo & Luis Hernandez & Salvador Garcia

A maid works her away around the motel when she gets the room of Fiore and DeBlanc to asks if they want any towels which Fiore refuses as DeBlanc finishes readying.

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod (feat. Anatol Yusef)

Preacher Cast

DeBlanc sings as over Jesse's body as Fiore winds up a barrel organ as they try to summon forth Genesis from Jesse's body.

Wynken, Blynken & Nod

Neal Phillips - Heaven & Earth

ACAPELLA cover of this song by cast member Anatol Yusef (DeBlanc)

Lonely Friday Night

The Blossoms - Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son (Original Soundtrack)

(written by Dave Antrell) Mrs. Murphy lotions her daughters face as she tells Jesse how she continues their usual routine watching 'Dancing With the Stars' even though she's in a coma.

Sittin' in the Amen Seat

Yvonne DeVaney - Yvonne DeVaney Collection

Jesse baptises Emily, Linus, Eugene (Arseface) and the other patrons of the church when Tulips appears.

Full Grown Man

Margaret Lewis - Rockin At the Sock Hop

Jesse baptises Tulip , who whispers to him that she's ready to start the plan which he refuses again.

Take Care of Us

The Revelations - Local Customs: Downriver Revival

Jesse returns to the church after retrieving his steering wheel where Cassidy offers him a drink; Jesse and Cassidy drink inside the church.

Rusty Cage

Johnny Cash

Fiore and DeBlanc head out of the motel with a trunk; Cassidy drives away from the church in Jesse's car.

Long Way Up

Jailhouse - Jailhouse

At the Tovehouse, Tulip plays a round of cards; Mosie asks Tulip about her uncle Walter; Tulip takes a call then asks Mosie if she can borrow a room for the night.

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