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Don't Hold Her So Close

Bob Cox

Jesse and Cassidy said in their underwear as they wait for the blood to wash out of their clothes.

Reconsider Me

Margaret Lewis - Rockin' Days in Shreveport, Louisiana

At the diner, Jesse questions Fiore and DeBlanc about the "thing" inside of him then threatens to use it against them, they warn him to use it.

His Love

The Soul Stirrers - Joy In My Soul: The Complete SAR Recordings

Jesse, Fiore and DeBlanc continue to fight off the Seraphim until Cassidy arrives and shots it; the Seraphim arrives back within moments, Jesse and Cassidy finally retrain it.

Blue Blue Party

Dick Flood - The Incomparable Dick Flood

Miles choose between three pair of identical slacks; Tulip fixes Emily child's sugar caddy as they talk, Emily asks Tulip how long she'll be in town.

Your Reason

The Tads - Cult Hits of the 1950's, Vol. 2

Tulip tells Emily about her and Jesse traveling around the country when Alice calls for Emily; Tulip watches as Emily takes care of Alice then offers to watch her while she turns errands.

Tonight I'm Alone

Lloyd Conger - Beer Bar Blues

Jesse sets up chair for his next sermon outside of the church when Miles arrives; as they set up chairs Miles asks for Jesse advice interpreting two different voices inside of his head.

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