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No Rain (Chorale)

Dave Lichens

Annville descends into anarchy with the towns men, women and children causing havoc with the loss of their moral center.

Time of the Preacher Theme

Willie Nelson - Red Headed Stranger

Montage of Annville; a radio DJ reports on God is coming to Annville, Eugene's missing and Preacher (Jesse) continual evasion of the police.

Bowling Ball Blues

Mack Fields - Vintage Country 1957-1969

The women of Annville line outside of the local beauty palour to get their hair done for God's coming; Tulip waits outside of the beauty palour for Mos when she comes out, she tells about Jesse.

Honey Won't You Listen

Roy Wayne - Early, Rare Rockabilly and Country (Hillbilly)

(Quincannon's slaughterhouse) In the control room a man talks to his wife about plans after he gets off work; Outside the sludge areas bubble up from the methane build up.

Personal Jesus

Johnny Cash - American IV: The Man Comes Around

Jesse and Tulip let Carlos go then as he walks away Tulip gifts him with a lug wrench while Jesse gives him his gun, they give him moment to realize what they mean by the gifts, "an eye for an eye".

Go Down Gamblin'

Blood, Sweat & Tears - Greatest Hits

Betsy lets Tulip and Jesse out of the trunk of her car then; Jesse shows Betsy the God radio, she theorizes to him how it could work; Tulip and Donnie ready the church for Sunday service.

96 Tears

? and the Mysterians - Cameo Parkway - The Best of ? & The Mysterians, 1966-1967

Emily beings to play the piano as Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy leave the church, Quinncannon shouts for Jesse to denounce God; the Custer churchgoers tear apart the church, Quinncannon leads them.

Your Kind of Love

Lloyd Conger - Beer Bar Blues

Fiore arrives back to Earth from Hell; Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy have fries at the Five Aces Diner, they discuss 'The Big Lebowski' movie then Jesse tells them the plan to find God.

Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

Linda Ronstadt - The Best of Linda Ronstadt: The Capitol Years

Jesse shows Tulip the Genesis by commanding her to kiss him which she does afterwards she punches him and demand he never do it again.

Let It Bleed

The Rolling Stones - Totally Stripped: Paris (Live)

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy head out on the road to find God; The Saint of Killer arrives to town.

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