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Come & Get It

The Unknown - Album I

Party song at the college where Aria is visiting.

Talk Me Out

Molly Jenson ft Greg Laswell

Riley talks Aria into bailing on the campus tour to get breakfast.

Mad Mans Dreams

The Cold and Lovely - The Cold and Lovely

While they finish their dinner, Travis comments on how distracted Hanna has been; Hanna kisses Travis as she leaves.

Talk Me out (feat. Greg Laswell)

Molly Jenson - Talk Me out (feat. Greg Laswell) - Single

Riley talks Aria into bailing on the campus tour to get breakfast.


Ingrid Michaelson

After Aria wakes up, Riley asks her about her drinking and what her father teaches, then they kiss.

Love Like Cyanide

The Rescues - Blah Blah Love and War

Mike goes to The Brew to ask Emily if she's heard from Aria, then informs her that Mona broke up with him.

Parachute (Dan Romer Spook Out)

Ingrid Michaelson - Parachute(s) Remixed - EP

Aria wakes up to Riley playing the guitar. They talk about her drinking and her father's job, then they kiss.

Around Us

Peter Bradley Adams - The Mighty Storm

Mrs. DiLaurentis stops by Hanna & Travis's restaurant table before being met by Holbrook & Tanner.

Break My Heart

Sara Jackson-Holman

Aria reads Ezra's manuscript; Spencer breaks into a desk to get her phone back, after she hears it ringing.

Did It Really Even Matter?

The Rescues - Blah Blah Love and War

At the cafe, Hanna apologizes to Holbrook for kissing him, then he says he has a question for her.

White Wedding

Juliet Lyons

A puts a wedding dress into a garment bag.

Bring You Home

Peter Bradley Adams

Hanna and Travis are on a date. Mrs. DiLaurentis approaches them momentarily.

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