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New Rush

Gin Wigmore - Blood to Bone

00:01 The NATs practice close quarters combat; Alex takes on Ryan; Iris asks Shelby why Caleb is back; Raina and Nimah tell their handler they want to go after the men who attacked Quantico.

Need You Tonight

Bonnie Raitt

00:16 The NATs are given their assignments at the field office; Alex, Iris and Brandon makes calls in an attempt to find a lead on a robbery; Caleb and Shelby start filing; Alex catches a lead.

Nothing to No One

Gin Wigmore - Blood to Bone

00:55 Nimah assures Raina her evening out only involved drinks; Shelby confronts Caleb about the letters her parents have supposedly been sending her and tells him she deserves someone better than him; Liam tells the NATs they still have a lot to learn; Shelby asks Clayton to help take down her parents; Raina excitedly tells Nimah about their assignment; Iris consoles Caleb.

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