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Wild for You

Sleep Machine - Wild for You - Single

Promo ‘America The Beautiful’

Paradise Circus

Massive Attack & Azekel

00:01 Six months earlier, Alex packs and leaves for the airport.

As The World Falls

Alana Gentry

Quantico Official Trailer.

All This Could Be Yours

Cold War Kids - Hold My Home (Deluxe Edition)

00:02 Shelby walks around a fancy house, then leaves; Joseph says goodbye to his church; Max & Simon meet up to fake a photo; a woman removes something from a convenience store toilet's water tank.

Paradise Circus

Massive Attack - True Blood, Vol. 3 (Music from the HBO® Original Series)

(Six months earlier) Alex jogs then returns on home, dresses and packs for her trip.    

Northerwestern Girls

Say Hi

00:10 The new recruits set up their rooms and meet their roommates.

Raising Hands Raising Hell Raise 'em High

The Wind and The Wave

00:19 Day 2 of training; the recruits get ready for their day; Shelby and Simon ogle Caleb.

Northwestern Girls

Say Hi - The Wishes and the Glitch

(Day 1) The NATs unpack in their dorm rooms at the Academy; Ryan & Simon bond over coffee; Alex helps Shelby with her bed; Caleb figures out that Eric is Mormon; Simon & Eric bond over Malawi.


Ryn Weaver - The Fool

00:22 The recruits research their fellow classmates to complete their assignment, while taking part in physical tests and target practice.

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