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Shooting Star

Air Traffic - Fractured Life

00:02 A guy hits on Alex at a bar and she responds by listing five things about him to prove he's not her type; Alex pick pockets the guys key fob while kissing him; the recruits start the second half of their training; Alex and Shelby agree to focus on their training.

I Think We're Alone Now

Hidden Citizens - Reawakenings

TRAILER music for mid-season premiere


Lily Allen - Girls, Vol. 2: All Adventurous Women Do... (Music From the HBO® Original Series)

00:13 The Color Wars Exercise starts with Liam laying out the rules; montage of the teams completing events; the NATs read the profiles of the upperclassmen they're competing against.


Lucie Silvas - Letters to Ghosts

00:44 Shelby, Simon and Ryan all turn their backs on Alex after she gives a statement saying she can find no evidence Elias wasn't working alone; Natalie informs Alex she's been reinstated.


Kye Kye

00:48 At a restaurant, Shelby and Caleb are introduced to Samar's husband, Khaled, who informs them Samar has been kidnapped due to their actions.

Come On

Air Traffic - Fractured Life

00:55 Miranda tells the NATs their being trained for what's real; Raina lies to her sister about what she learned from Charlie; Shelby sees Iris chatting with Caleb; Drew gives Alex a set of dog tags that Ryan left behind, then she gets a message from Liam about getting a drink.

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