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Mess Around

Cage the Elephant - Now That's What I Call Rock

00:01 Rufus listens to music in the lab as his boss asks him to go get tacos for Taco Tuesday.

Piano Concerto No. 2 in F Minor, Op. 21: I. Maestoso

Libor Pesek & Slovak Philharmonic

00:14 Nimah dresses up as Raina to see what her sister has become involved in; Will eavesdrops on Caleb as he video chats with a Mr. Keller then snoops on Caleb's laptop.


Mazzy Star - Seasons of Your Day

00:44 On their drive back to the city, Nimah and Alex discuss how Simon's doing, how the bombing changed them and that Ryan is still there for Alex; Nimah confronts Raina about her activities and lies.

Too Late to Say Goodbye

Cage the Elephant

00:53 Iris looks at a picture of her aunt; Drew works out his anger at the shooting range; Liam contemplates Miranda's demand that he resign; Alex leaves Ryan a message; Simon sets his cabin on fire; Shelby apologizes to Caleb; Caleb meets with Samar.

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