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Hey Pocky A-way

The Meters

Montage as Liv & the gang, with the help of Leo work to rework Liv & color her in a different way for the public opinion; Liv knocks on the door of Edison, he answers. 

Let's Get It On

Marvin Gaye - 202 Motown Songs: The Complete No. 1s

Liv puts on a records as Fitz undresses, they make out when Liv turns up the music and tells him that the community knows about West Angola & her kidnapping, they discuss a plan of action.

Feeling Good

Nina Simone - Repo Men (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Fitz makes his plea to Cyrus for his return, Cyrus then gives him his terms for his return & takes his set on the couch, they shake hands; Fitz asks for Elizabeth to come to his office.  

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