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Do Me

MOE Cheez - Do Me - Single

Carl finishes decorating his room then toasts to Nick; Frank & Queenie have sex loudly; Ian covers Liam's ears as the exit the bathroom; Carl calls Pedro and threats him; Fiona & Sean sleep.

Bye Bye

Criminal Hygiene - Withdrawn - Single

Queenie tells Frank to drink up; as Queenie walks away be pours out his herbal drink.

Maybe I've Lost You

Elijah Honey

Professor Youens losses to Lip in the coin toss; Montage as the house his changed into "Carl's Crib"; Fiona arrives home to find the house being redecorated and confronts Carl.

If You Can Get Me Home

Dinosaur Island

Fiona begins throwing out Frank and Queenie things to reclaim the room as hers; Debbie rubs her stomach as she lays in bed when Erika knocks on the door with breakfast.

Come & Get It

Mr. Classic

Debbie seduces Erika after being let go.

Run & Hide (Remix)


Carl waits around at school when Khalil and another friend approaches him.

It Is What It Is

Future Elevators - Future Elevators

Kevin surprises Veronica with a vacation; Svetlana tells Vee she'll be watching the girls.

Queen of the World

1985 - Congratulations

Vee hugs Kevin; Debbie researches lesbian sex online then practices on a teddy bear.

Dead Right

Dove Pilot - Dove Pilot

Debbie continues her research when Carl sends her a picture of the "Shocker" position; Fiona is noticeably space out as work as she refill a costumers coffee with orange juice.

When I Needed an Angel

Arnel Carmichael - I Needed an Angel - Single

Ian & Caleb hangout at Caleb's cousins wedding when Caleb's partents, Pastor Daniels and Ronetta, introduces themselves and invite Ian to their church.

5 Sec Royal Transition With Button


Frankie threatens to call the Attorney General and ACLU on school.

She's So Cold

The Measels

Lip is hired as the houseboy of Gamma Delta Rho; Kevin and Veronica arrive at their motel.

You're Outta Your Mind

Mockingbird Killers

Vee and Kevin head down to the dinning area of the motel; Lip arrive at his room in the sorority house as he unpacks several girls come by and gook at him; Lip drinks from his flask.

I Feel Alright


Frank & Queenie play pool; Frank tells Svetlana, Tommy & Kermit about Queenie; Queenie gushes over Frank's actions at the school; Frank tries to convince Queenie that he has changed.


Vibrolux - Come On

Erika complements Debbie on her strength and tells her that she miss her when Debbie tries to seduce her; Debbie receives a text from Frank and rushes to leave after telling Erika truth about her.

Caked Up


Fiona this is not a real song


The Blaqks

Kermit takes care of the twins as Svetlana works at an amateur dentist and pulls out Tommy's rotten tooth then takes a shot for herself while laughing at Tommy's pain.

My Thing

Vibrolux - Mountain

Montage as Fiona de-lices Liam in the tun then begins with the laundry and house.


Criminal Hygiene

Toria offers Lip her company for later in the basement; Debbie arrives home to find it changed. 

Get Up and Go

Trev - Glory Days - EP

Queenie offers to make Debbie coming to eat to strength her placenta; Kevin and Veronica swim in the motel pool when Veronica receives a text to her phone.

Head Over

Leo Soul

Veronica and Kevin begin to wonder if the old man staring at them as they have sex is dead; Caleb's family members stare at him and Ian as Caleb touches on him which Ian calls him out for using him.

Out da Ghetto

2wop - Out da Ghetto - Single

Carl smokes at home as he relax to get his mind off things when Fiona arrives back with Liam and Sean and the delousing products, Fiona turns off his loud blaring music.

Name In Lights

Sarah Leichtenberg - Sarah

Ian and Caleb dance at the wedding reception, Caleb's father stares them down.

White Line Fever

Cari Cari - Amerippindunkler - EP

After drunkenly pleading for her to come outside Lip leaves; the Galleghers and Sean try to eat as Frank proceeds to give Queenie a tongue bath; Sean asks Fiona to move in with him.

Bad Reputation


Fiona tries to get Liam to leave with her but he refuses, wanting to stay with Debbie; Caleb thanks Ian for help with his family then tells him he wants him, they kiss; Sean & Fiona have spaghetti. 

Out of Your Way

Daniel Eiseman - All Out

Toria knocks on Lip doors but he fakes being asleep until she leaves. 


Nick Moxsom & Axel Bauer

Sean delouses Fiona has she bathes; Frank returns to the room and crawls into bed where Queenie tells him that his hard work as played off and she'll stay, they have sex; End credits.

Take a Stand

Piewackit Quku - Black Wire Haze

Chuckie finishes reading his homework in front of the class; End credits.

Pop Rocks

Silent Lions - The Parliaments - EP

Lip is leaving his dorm room with his belongings when Toria,she tells him about student housing being swamped then offers him a way not to be homeless by applying as "Houseboy" at her sorority.

Come & Get It

Mr Classic

Debbie seduces Erika after being let go.

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