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Chris O'Brien - Lighthouse

Effy goes to walk around the woods on her own, after they first arrive at party site at Gobbler’s End.

Machine Gun

Portishead - Third

Effy feel sick about Freddie


Gang Gang Dance - Saint Dymphna

The gang dances with sparklers, tripping on shrooms


Bon Iver - Blood Bank - EP

Freddie and Effy snogging.

You Can't Say No Forever

Lacrosse - You Can't Say No Forever - Single

when effy drives the group to gobblers end

A Little More of You

Ashley Chambliss - Nakedsongs

Effy and Cook have sex; Cook leaves while Effy gets dressed

Banana Slugs / Cosmonaut

High Places - High Places: 03/07 - 09/07

Everyone is tripping out in their sleeping bags

When You Leave

Maps - We Can Create

Effy and Cook are driving in a stolen car

Imaginary Wars

Mark Erelli - Hope & Other Casualties

When Effy drives the group away from gobblers end 

Only Waiting

The Travelling Band - Under the Pavement

Effy lays down in the woods and finds the mushrooms

Shake It

Canton Jones - Love Jones

Effy walks in on Freddie and Katie in Freddie's shed.

Pills and Coffee

The Donnis Trio - All Directions

Effy walks back to the group and Freddie and her have sex (Netflix)

That Girl

The Blam - Blow Wind Blow

Effy's back home, she gets bathed by her mum (Netflix)

i will

catoan - and Will I

Cook and Effy in stolen car after accident. (Netflix)

The Rifle

Alela Diane - The Pirate's Gospel

In the car, driving back from Gobbler's end

Null Pointer

Nick Olman - Null Pointer - Single

Effy throws up after discovering Freddie with Katie (Netflix)


Esser - Braveface

Effy drops a vase in front of her mum

Tiv Knife


The gang is on their way to Gobbler's End.

Different Gravy


Guns are fired and the gang is frightened.



Effy awakens and gets in a fight with Katie.

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