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Blown Away

Marc Robillard - Paper Airplanes

Jenni holds the baby while Roger has a sentimental moment about fatherhood


Imaginary Johnny

Snooki can’t believe their wedding is coming up

Son of a Gun

Drew Davis - Son of a Gun

Roger’s father has a chat with his new grandaughter, Meilani


Tim Cullen

Snooki calls the babysitter so she can visit Jenni, Roger, and their new baby Meilani

Still Here

The Lapdancers

Jionni and Snooki arrive at the hospital

In Awe of You

Emile Millar - Neighbors

Snooki sees Meilani for the first time

I Want it Back


Roger and Jenni talk about their new sleep schedule

Lemon Squeezer

The Soft White Sixties - Get Right.

Snooki and Lorenzo plan their day


Ghost In The Water - Destroy

Beach montage while the Dr. comes to check on Jenni

Your World

Tim Cullen - Fun Razor

Snooki, Jionni, and Lorenzo go out for lunch

City Lights

The Soft White Sixties - Get Right.

Snooki asks Jionni to step into her office

Charming Hunter


Jenni and Roger wait in the hospital room, with their bags packed

I'm the Bad Guy

Whosah - It's Not Just Me in Here - EP

Roger puts Meilani in her baby basket

Better Than Us

Whosah - It's Not Just Me in Here - EP

Roger and Jenni take their first drive with Meilani in the car

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