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Mess of a Man

Matthew Mayfield

00:01 Fisher is welcomed back by Dano's bartender, Kate, as he waits to meet with Mulaney.


Wallburds - Mirror Days

00:20 Fisher, Cameron and Kristen head to Dano's to question Danny Powell about Mulaney's investigation and murder.

Open Your Eyes

Tyler Blackburn - Find a Way - EP

00:24 Cameron tries to talk Kristen into ordering him a mojito, then Blake gives them his profile on The Ripper.

White Noise


00:27 Fisher finds Camille working our her frustrations about Theo on his punching bag.

Heron Cove

The Halyards

00:44 Cameron returns to Dano's to question Blake about his Ripper profile; Danny eavesdrops as Cameron convinces Blake to double check his notes on the case.

Lights Don’t Change

A House For Lions - Hills so High

00:55 Kristen comments to Cameron on how reckless he's been recently; Cameron reveals his feelings for Kristen, then she responds by saying she needs more time.

We Own the Night

Stop Dead - Dirt & Dust - EP

00:58 Danny congratulates Fisher on capturing The Ripper, then the bar makes a toast to Mulaney; Kristen uses her math skills to figure out where her father is.

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