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Saturn Missiles

00:02 Linus shows up at Cameron's apartment, tells him Theo stole all his stuff and asks if he can stay with him for awhile.


Mike Sempert - Tend the Flame

00:16 Kirsten and Cameron look through Jamie's notebook as Cameron asks about Kirsten hugging Jamie's boss.While in a stitch, Kirsten sees Jamie B. drowning.

Hollow Tree

Old Man Canyon

00:23 While out for a walk, Cameron stops by a comic book store and cafe, then ends up chatting with an employee.

New Me


00:36 Camille arrives home to find Theo hanging out with friends, demands he gives Linus his stuff back and reveals she's NSA.

Satellite Moon

Strand of Oaks - Dark Shores

00:43 Cameron asks Fisher for relationship advice while waiting for Kirsten to meet with Naomi.

Your Magazines

Brain Tan - Comfort Object - EP

00:46 Camille tells Linus that she got all his stuff back, then stops him from kissing her so she can lock the van.


The Kite String Tangle

00:56 Kirsten tells Cameron she doesn't think it fair to make him wait for her; Cameron returns home and hears Camille giggling from the next room.

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