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Soft Swells - Be Young

00:02 Cameron works out while Linus asks him how long he's going to keep it up, then says he agrees with his decision to let Camille pilot the stitches.

2AM, Chinatown

Julian Jasper - 2AM, Chinatown/I Don't Mind (Expanded) - EP

00:35 Amanda and Camille prepare for their dinner with Linus and Ivy; [0:37] continues as Linus and Ivy work on Harrington's mind palace symbols; Linus warns Amanda not to hurt Camille, as Camille give a similar warning to Ivy.

Archetype (feat. Lila Rose)

Emily Afton - Archetype

00:36 Cameron and Kirsten eat chinese take-out as he receives a message from Maggie saying all of Harrington's files were scrubbed.

The Monster

From Indian Lakes - Everything Feels Better Now

00:39 Cameron enjoys his dessert, as Kirsten tells him they need to assemble the team.

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