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Shapeshifter (feat. Styles of Beyond)

Celldweller - The Complete Cellout Vol. 01

Cameron and Linus play a video game in his apartment

No More

The Qemists - Warrior Sound

00:06 While in a stitch, Kirsten sees Jake at a gaming competition and fighting with a woman named Zelda; [0:25] repeats as Kirsten and Cameron visit the gaming competition; [0:49] Zelda asks Cameron if he's ready to challenge her, while lifting his wallet.

One More

Weaves - Weaves

00:26 Kirsten tells Cameron what she found on the backroom computer, then Cameron tells her he plans to stay and look around; Zelda introduces herself to Cameron.

Atom Bomb

Beach Slang - A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings

00:29 Cameron completes against DK and end up winning.

In With Them

Kissing Cousins - In With Them - EP

00:30 Cameron asks Zelda if she knew Jake; Rick asks Cameron to come back, then tells Zelda to find out what she can about Cameron.

Watch Me Do It

Icy Black

00:53 Kirsten tells Cameron he needs to win the game, so they can find Jake's message; Zelda and Cameron compete.

Waiting Around

Aisha Badru - Vacancy EP

Cameron apologizes to Kirsten, continues as Ivy arrives at the house tells Kirsten she needs a friend

Waiting Around (Acoustic)

Aisha Badru - Vacancy EP

00:58 Cameron tells Kirsten he doesn't want to lose her, but doesn't know how to fix things between them; Ivy shows up at Kirsten's place and says she needs a friend.

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